How to Draw the Moon

At times when neither CCD cameras nor photo plates existed, people had to draw the Moon instead of taking a photograph. Nowadays this is very rare, but you could still do it if you have the enthusiasm and especially the patience for it.


Unlike drawing the Sun, which is a way of tracking the solar activity and doesn’t require much skills, moon drawings do not posses any scientific significance. In addition, to get a decent result you would have to spend much more time, and some dexterity with the pencil would probably be required.

If you haven’t given up yet, here is what you should do. Use a screen to project the Moon onto a piece of paper (preferably¬†letter or A4), the same way as if you are going to draw the Sun. Then, sketch the seas, and all major lunar features. After that just fill in the rest of it in as many details as you can. You can use different shades of grey to acquire more of a painting look. It’s all up to you. Just have fun with it!

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