Welcome to the Astronomy Lounge!

If you are interested in amateur astronomy, you’ve come to the right place! The goal of Astronomy Lounge is very simple – to give you all you need to know about the night sky and help you enjoy learning about astronomy from the very beginning. After all, having fun is the most important part about being an amateur astronomer!

I was fascinated by the night sky since I was little. As my interest in the cosmos grew deeper, I wanted to learn more and more. Fortunately for me, there was National Astronomy Observatory and Planetarium in my hometown, and I could join their out-of-school study groups. I had a great instructor there, to whom I’m really thankful. I’ve learned quite a lot, and participated in many expeditions and countless observations. After many amazing years, I went to pursue University degree in astronomy. Years later and a few degrees behind, here I am, sharing my 20 years of experience with you.

Here you can learn about amateur astronomy and how to observe and photograph all major astronomical events. Astronomy Lounge has informative purpose and it’s oriented toward helping beginner amateur astronomers with their new adventure. Build your knowledge, make observations on a regular basis, and you will be ready for whatever the sky throws at you!

I hope Astronomy Lounge will be in great use to you, and bring you faster to your first observations and photographs. Have a good time with your new passion, and enjoy your journey to the deepest parts of the Universe!

Blagoy Rangelov

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